As I have added to these recipes I've realized that I need to add some additional information on the ingredients and the way that we cook at the Jordan house. This list will grow.

Salt - Use Kosher salt for cooking. When we cook we keep a small dish of Kosher salt handy and use it as needed.
Pepper - We use only freshly ground pepper for both cooking and dining. It does make a difference.
Chicken Broth - Sharon makes her own. We save chicken pieces in the freezer, wing tips, backs etcetera, until we've got enough to make a batch of chicken broth. Then, we pour the broth into 16 ounce plastic cups, cover them, and freeze them. In emergencies we will use Swanson Chicken Broth (and Beef Broth.)
Knives - Cooking school made converts of Sharon and me. Buy good knives - Wustoff or Henckles and treat them well. They will make your preparation work easier, faster, safer, and more enjoyable.
Spices - Use fresh where possible - and Penzeys for everything else!